Friday, September 2, 2011

August Art Project For Grades 4 - 6
We studied examples of Pacific Northwest Coast Totem Poles.  The animals on them represent different things, such as family, stories or historic events.  After we each finish making our own part of a totem pole out of a toilet paper tube, construction paper and Sharpie markers, we will assemble them together into tall group poles on yard sticks.

Why do you think it's important to have your artwork sometimes be part of a large group project?
August Art Project For Grades 1 - 3

We looked at some examples of Abstract Pastel Artworks and then made our own.  First we made abstract lines with glue.  Abstract lines do not look like something real.  They are just a design.  After the glue dried, we colored inside of the lines with pastels.  Pastels are like chalk.  It was fun to see the colored construction paper show under the clear dried glue lines.

Do you like making abstract artwork (doesn't look like something real), realistic artwork (looks like something real), or both?  Why?